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13 Sep

Jan Livesey (outside the church for my Christening )

Showering you with flowers for your birthday Mum.

Love Me xoxoxoxo




13.09.1937 – 11.07.2016

some sights #5 – images from the Minervois

21 Sep
the view from Chateau Maris
a view from Chateau Maris


the eggs!

Now this is crazy (but beautiful) …LES OUEFS! – these are the egg-shaped tanks used to age wine in the Maris winery.
I keep thinking Mork from Ork is going to crack out of one…

inside the new Chateau Maris cellar

Jean-Pierre in the Chateau Maris winery yesterday (the walls are made of hemp!)

harvest in La Liviniere

harvest in La Liviniere

la liviniere

driving from La Liviniere

oncoming 2CV in Rieux

oncoming 2CV in Rieux

DANGER!!  Blonde behind the wheel

DANGER!! Blonde behind the wheel



Mauzac Nature 2011

Now this was hard, parting with this bottle today to throw it into the recycling bin.  It was SO delicious!! A sparkling white that almost tasted like a very dry cider. Lucky the bottle was big, it went down so quickly!
(Merci Isabelle et Vincent)

last night's tomatoes

Last night’s tomatoes.
Got to make the most of these babies before the season is out.

Saint Chinian flags

Bleu, Blanc et Rouge in Saint Chinian

pooch parade

pooch parade

carca wine shop

wine shop in Carcassonne

door handle

‘une poignee’ (door handle)

hanging the laundry

hanging out the laundry

European Carpenter Bees

European Carpenter bees in the garden

thongs, flip-flops, claquettes

‘thongs’ in my home (yes, not the ones on your butt), ‘flip-flops’ in the UK and the US, ‘Jandals’ in NZ, ‘slops’ in South Africa, ‘schlapfen’ in Austria… ‘tongs’ or ‘claquettes’ in France. I like this one – Lilas said the name comes from the sound they make as you walk? Anyone know if this is right?

window in Saint Chinian

window with ‘fresh’ flowers

Rebecca's curry

Rebecca’s Kerala Prawn Curry, mmmmmn. The onion bahjis were a knock-out too, but my photo didn’t work out

a house inside a building

a house in a house

Grandma's Pussy

‘Grandma’s Pussy’ – from Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories, Series B, Volume 10

velo in Rieux

velo in Rieux


sunset in the garden

some sights from today

6 Oct

beautiful colours of blue in Olonzac



pretty blues

blue sky in Olonzac



bonbons at the supermarche


a house-eating bougainvillea

specialiste propane

Renault 4L

Renault 4L ('Cattrell')

Perez Phillips

Citroen Ami 8

Citroen Ami 8 ('Friend 8')

La Liviniere

back home to our village...

flying low over La Liviniere

...where planes were circling low overhead, monitoring the last gasps of the fire

flying over La Liviniere

Bon Anniversaire

4 Sep
me and pop

me and my Pop

Happy Birthday Pop!!

…oh the tears when your team beat mine that day!

so typically French!

29 Aug
chez le coiffeur

the barber shop in Carcassonne

Do you ever find yourself smiling at some of the things you pass by during your day?

I love those moments and have started to record them with my camera.  I can’t help it.  Everything in France seems so exotic to me, being a ‘non-Frenchie’!

Here’s some pics to share with you, but be warned!  There’s a few of them, so I hope you don’t get bored!!

baker at the market

Pierre the baker having a ‘tranquil’ pause at the morning market

Citroen 2CV

A lovely orange 2CV, shining like a beacon in the morning light

citroen 2CV

…those 2CVs are EVERYWHERE!

chien chic

‘Chic Dog’ (you know how they put their words backwards!) – every pooch needs a parlour


Hotel de Ville de Narbonne

Hotel de Ville in Narbonne flying the Bleu Blanc Rouge

Frenchy frilly bits

Frenchy frilly bits…

hanging out to dry

…and not so frilly bits

les chaussures roses

…les messieurs like a bit of pink too

Mamy Jeanne's recipe book

It’s the real thing! – one of Mamy Jeanne’s much-loved recipe books

…a Mamy Jeanne dish

(& check out the brilliant photo of her!)

our village library

And while we’re on the topic of books, I just love this. It’s the bookshelf in our local village library… gives you a small taste of what the public are reading up on! Recipes, winemaking, a history of Europe, a history of France and, bien sur, a little bit of psychotherapy.  Tres francais.

colon poster

Yes, it’s the GIANT COLON!! Be curious!! Roll up for a visit to the centre of the giant colon!… (thanks for the poster Mat, you know me too well!)

the cheese trolley

Colon health, giant ‘chariots de fromage’ (cheese trolley). Ever heard of the French paradox?


At the local ‘brocante’. This poor guy got caught, but we still hear his friends in our garden at night

french doorhandle

the doorhandle to one of my favourite brocantes


a cinema in Limoux (where Blanquette is made)

baguette in a basket

take-away baguette

a trip to the patisserie

Really love this one too. The scene, the clothing (so now!) and the little guy at the back just happens to be some Vigneron I know…

lady of minerve

a regular vision in these villages

les hommes de Toulouse

les messieurs sur les bancs

Still there?  Hope you made it!

grrrrrrrrrrrrr computer!

10 Aug

no this is not a promotion, it's a test photo!!

There should be TEARS on this keyboard!

A quiet afternoon in.  The first quiet afternoon in weeks, as we’ve had a run of visitors this summer and lots of wine tastings, dinners, lunches and a trip to London even.  So I thought it was about time to catch up on things. 

I had photos from all sources: my old camera went on the blink a couple of months ago and I’ve been begging and borrowing cameras and phones from all parts.  Then it was my birthday last month and I was treated to a new one (it was a ‘big’ birthday I’ll admit).

So anyway, here I was full of shots to download, ready and keen at the keyboard and then things started going WRONG!

To cut a whole (RRRRrrrrrrrrrr) afternoon’s story short:  internet forums and friends on the phone come in handy!!!   It’s amazing how much you learn when you stuff up (and isn’t it great when you re-experience the relevance of a cliche!! ).  

So what you see above isn’t a quickie promotion for a brand , but  my test picture to help try and retrieve, amongst other problems, my ‘lost’ photos during a hugely sweaty and stressy experience. So sorry for the plug –  it just seemed appropriate to expose the culprit of my afternoon’s angst.

Back soon with an enlightened me.

….pssst, anybody there?

19 Apr

Well, it has been a while since my last post!?!!

School holidays, in-laws staying (more kitchen tips for me), birthdays, business dinners and tastings, Carnaval, unearthing village treasures.  The time just goes!?!  I’ve so many photos in my camera, it’s starting to belch from indigestion.

And the amount of wine bottles being ferried to the bottle bin… it’s embarrassing.  Though come to think of it, it always is.

Much to catch up on and share so please stay tuned!

spring has sprung!

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