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Happy Eight-Oh Dad

4 Sep

Love you Pop xo

Image 05-09-17 at 13.06

Image 07-09-17 at 13.32

for my mum

13 Sep

…a few of your favourite things for your birthday!

You are there, we are here, but we wish you a happy day and send you all our love.

peonies for you

peonies for you

some home-picked figs

some home-picked figs

fresh cherries

fresh cherries

wild irises from out the back

wild irises from out the back

some hand-picked lilas

some hand-picked lilas

baked bread

a little baked bread

a beautiful red poppy

a beautiful red poppy

oh boy, some more tins!

…oh boy, some more tins (you are the Queen of tins!)

and a rooster

…and a rooster

why not, a rainbow!

why not, a rainbow!

some snow for you, who's never seen the snow

…and some snow for you, who’s never seen the snow

a sniff of wisteria

a sniff of wisteria…

a little girl in an old dress

a little girl in an old dress

and a hug from me xoxoxoxoxo

and a hug from me

What a crazy year this has been, Mum, but today is the LUCKY 13th!

As Mamy said, life is not a straight line…  And yeah, it’s crooked as hell right now, but there is a beauty and a whole lot of love in all these kinks.


sweet berry picking

4 Sep
Lilas and her pickings ...not quite the ripe grapes papa is hoping for, but they taste just as good

Lilas and her pickings …not quite the ripe grapes papa is hoping for, but they taste just as good

A little mini update from the vineyards…

‘Les Vendanges’ (harvest) will begin remarkably late for us this year, with picking beginning as late as one week from now.  Yes we’re enjoying beautiful sunny days in these first few days of September, but the grapes are having a hard time ripening due to 2013’s fairly cool Spring and late Summer.   Waiting waiting waiting.  Benji’s getting those annual, pre-mens vendanges nerves and I’m keeping food on the table…

But even if the grapes aren’t all sweet and ripe for the picking, there is some ripe fruit to be had…  After an evening’s inspection of the vignes (vines), we’ve been tucking into the wild mures (blackberries) out the back!… 

grape walk3

grape walk 2

grape walk

berry picking season

berry picking season 2

And hey Dad, Happy Birthday!!….

Happy Birthday Pete

4 Sep

Before I get started after all this time away,  distracted by a Summer full of time with loved ones in all this delicious heat, I have to say (is it one year already!??)

Happy Birthday Pop!

It’s a biggie, but as you know, it’s only as much as you feel.  And that deserves a toast!

Have a good one and here’s to more voyages across the sea!

pete's birthday pic

Bon Anniversaire Mamy – Happy 100!!

15 Feb

Dearest Mamy

All our love to you on this big big day.

And a thousand mercis for making me feel part of your family.

Gros bisous

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