wrapped in France #2

24 Sep

“1.  a bundle or parcel.  2.  that in which anything is packed, as a case, crate, etc.  5.  to put into wrappings or a container.”  – ‘Package, packaging’ from the Macquarie Dictionary, 2nd Edition, 1981

Do you remember when I let it slip that I have a thing for packaging?  Mmn, yep, still have it and lately I feel like I’m being bombarded with even more wonderful examples of it, everywhere.  At home, at the markets, at the vide-greniers (the village garage sales – something I must absolutely tell you about soon), at friends’ houses,  in the guise of gifts from friends…  everywhere.

Colours, texts, fonts, old, new, shabby or shiny…  I can’t get enough of it – and if there’s a text or a word here or there in French, even better!  It’s amazing how much you can improve your vocabulary just reading the fine print!  (and probably a lot more educational than my dippings into, shock, horror – Voici).

At the moment I’m getting a buzz out of OLD packaging and the eg’s here are from either home (my mother-in-law is a great help here) – or from stands in the markets and vide-greniers.  I understand why people start up businesses selling this stuff – there are crazy people out there, like me, who love it!  But a lot of it can be quite expensive so I’m happy to admire it and ask permission to take a photo or two.  Yes, I think I am mad!

So here’s a second instalment of boxes, tins, bottles I’ve seen here in France lately.  I should add however, that not all these products are French.  Some come from next door in Spain (thanks to Vincent who is aware of my condition) or further afar.  But they seemed too lovely to leave out.

I hope you enjoy them!

tins of pois chiches

Tins of ‘pois chiches’ (chick peas) at the supermarket yesterday. I thought you Miss Nick might like these!

Pineau de Francois Premier

I love this bottle of Pineau from the Charentes – “Pineau Francois 1er” Not only is the label just fabulous, but the sweet, fortified wine, a speciality of the Charentes region (near Cognac, not far from Bordeaux) wine inside, is DELICIOUS! It is a family-run winery, established in the 1930s by Gaston Riviere, with the wine now made by his grandson (who greets you at his cellar in leather pants).  He said it was Gaston himself who designed and drew the label and there is a great quote on it – by him?… the ranslation:
“Women often change, Mad are those who trust them. Only this Pineau remains faithful to his King.”

Olympic Thermor iron

Don’t need one, but loved this box for an iron at the vide-grenier

Ortiz El Velero tuna

Ortiz ‘El Velero’ tuna.
Merci Vinnie.


a few old ‘bonbons’ tins (sweets, lollies or candy to us)

deux pigeons

‘Les Deux Pigeons’ (the two pigeons) allumettes – an old matchbox found amongst other treasures at my mum-in-law’s. Merci Christine!

Chromex hair dryer

…don’t need this either. But just love the bangs and make-up.

Ippodo tea

Adore this tin.
But it went back home with V.

carving knife

I almost wanted to buy the old knife just so I could have the sleeve it slid into!


My body moisturiser.  Mamy  put me onto this.   The ‘pharmaceuticals’ look is big here, but I love it for its smell

apple box

Spied this at Emmaus. Tres simple, no text but I LOVE red apples

Sanchez Romate sherry vinegar

Another item from Vinnie in Spain and oh so delicious, “Sanchez Romate Vinaigre de Jerez” – sherry vinegar

old packets

old packets for bonbons, dried beans, cream cheese…

LEO dried peas

no, it’s not a French product but it made me laugh when I saw this at the supermarket… the first time I read the box I thought it said ‘with sleeping tablet’
You try it!

Kusmi teas

a favourite at home – the whole range is great together


Saw this Offenbach record, “Gaiete Parisienne”, in Emmaus and loved the image

Caille and Yoghurt

The ‘Caille’ desserts are delicious. Seems like this style tub has been used for much longer than I realised.

vw car collage

Once a VW owner, always a fan.
Certainly didn’t need this, but I fell in love with the radio-controlled VW at the vide-grenier.  It is the sedan version of my very first car, a Type 3 station wagon that I called ‘Fritz’. The price was extremely high. But the man was kind enough to let me take the photo.

4 Responses to “wrapped in France #2”

  1. phipster1 at 1:54 pm #

    Quite a lot of the photos haven’t come through…..

    • The vigneron's wife at 2:01 pm #

      Thanks for letting me know P. I just checked my computer and they are coming up ok. Could it be the connection?

  2. Marilyne at 6:12 pm #

    Love it 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    I recognize the addiction. My three square meter kitchen is also pulling out of cans I bought just for the packaging. A few from the flea market, most from the Asian supermarket or the Maroccan grocery shop around the corner.
    Love the Offenbach LP cover ( do you know this one: http://blog.tastebuds.fm/worst-album-covers-of-all-time/ )

    • The vigneron's wife at 7:58 pm #

      Hi Marilyne,
      Thanks for that – I feel less crazy! My mum used to have loads of collections around the kitchen and living room and I remember how much I use to just sit and stare! It was so lovely.
      And thanks for that album list… wow, simply mad!!!

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