so typically French!

29 Aug
chez le coiffeur

the barber shop in Carcassonne

Do you ever find yourself smiling at some of the things you pass by during your day?

I love those moments and have started to record them with my camera.  I can’t help it.  Everything in France seems so exotic to me, being a ‘non-Frenchie’!

Here’s some pics to share with you, but be warned!  There’s a few of them, so I hope you don’t get bored!!

baker at the market

Pierre the baker having a ‘tranquil’ pause at the morning market

Citroen 2CV

A lovely orange 2CV, shining like a beacon in the morning light

citroen 2CV

…those 2CVs are EVERYWHERE!

chien chic

‘Chic Dog’ (you know how they put their words backwards!) – every pooch needs a parlour


Hotel de Ville de Narbonne

Hotel de Ville in Narbonne flying the Bleu Blanc Rouge

Frenchy frilly bits

Frenchy frilly bits…

hanging out to dry

…and not so frilly bits

les chaussures roses

…les messieurs like a bit of pink too

Mamy Jeanne's recipe book

It’s the real thing! – one of Mamy Jeanne’s much-loved recipe books

…a Mamy Jeanne dish

(& check out the brilliant photo of her!)

our village library

And while we’re on the topic of books, I just love this. It’s the bookshelf in our local village library… gives you a small taste of what the public are reading up on! Recipes, winemaking, a history of Europe, a history of France and, bien sur, a little bit of psychotherapy.  Tres francais.

colon poster

Yes, it’s the GIANT COLON!! Be curious!! Roll up for a visit to the centre of the giant colon!… (thanks for the poster Mat, you know me too well!)

the cheese trolley

Colon health, giant ‘chariots de fromage’ (cheese trolley). Ever heard of the French paradox?


At the local ‘brocante’. This poor guy got caught, but we still hear his friends in our garden at night

french doorhandle

the doorhandle to one of my favourite brocantes


a cinema in Limoux (where Blanquette is made)

baguette in a basket

take-away baguette

a trip to the patisserie

Really love this one too. The scene, the clothing (so now!) and the little guy at the back just happens to be some Vigneron I know…

lady of minerve

a regular vision in these villages

les hommes de Toulouse

les messieurs sur les bancs

Still there?  Hope you made it!


6 Responses to “so typically French!”

  1. Mat August 29, 2011 at 3:58 pm #

    Voilà ce que m’évoquent ces photos d’une incroyable authenticité

    Charles Trenet

    Il revient à ma mémoire des souvenirs familiers
    Je revois ma blouse noire lorsque j’étais écolier
    Sur le chemin de l’école je chantais à pleine voix
    Des romances sans paroles, vieilles chansons d’autrefois

    Douce France, cher pays de mon enfance
    Bercée de tendre insouciance
    Je t’ai gardée dans mon coeur
    Mon village, au clocher, aux maisons sages
    Où les enfants de mon âge ont partagé mon bonheur
    Oui je t’aime et je te donne ce poème
    Oui je t’aime, dans la joie ou la douleur

    Douce France, cher pays de mon enfance
    Bercée de tendre insouciance
    Je t’ai gardée dans mon coeur

    Oui je t’aime et je te donne ce poème
    Oui je t’aime, dans la joie ou la douleur

    Douce France, cher pays de mon enfance
    Bercée de tendre insouciance
    Je t’ai gardée dans mon coeur

    Merci Kat pour ainsi magnifier la mémoire de “mon cher pays”

    • The vigneron's wife August 29, 2011 at 8:46 pm #

      Lovely Mat,
      Thanks so much for your very kind support! I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the photos of your pays!!
      a bientot xo

  2. claude rudelin September 3, 2011 at 11:47 am #

    so, so frilly bits !!
    j’ai particulièrement apprécié
    tes “choses vues”
    nb: ok ma soeur/patisserie
    Bon appétit la France: il s’agit de V. Anne Giscard d’Estaing
    (gauche photo/frisettes)

    • The vigneron's wife September 3, 2011 at 10:08 pm #

      Glad you enjoyed the family pic Claude! And un grand merci pour l’info sur la femme avec les frisettes! I had no idea it was her!
      Thanks for reading.
      bise, Kat

  3. April September 18, 2012 at 5:17 am #

    Love those wonderful pictures you took. Was there once 10 years ago, but I didn’t see those things you saw. May I download some of the picures?

    • The vigneron's wife September 19, 2012 at 10:50 pm #

      Hi April,
      Thanks for you message – I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the pictures.
      Regarding using them, thanks for asking as this is a tricky one! You can for private use. If for any other use please remember that they are my original property and a citation would be appreciated!

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